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Comments on the Military and Business Ownership

We asked veteran owned businesses listed in to tell us how their time in the military helped them succeed as business owners. Below are some of their answers.

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“Preparation and organization. Meeting deadlines, commitments and greater respect for our country and honor and respect for our fellow country men.”

Lawrence Daniels - Da Arla Tax Services

“I was in the NAVY for 6 years active duty. The service made me a more thorough and detailed person. I now have high standards of what I think is right and am very assertive in my work.”

Dennis Lucero - Defined Electric

“Do to the military training, I have learned to communicate with different type of individual and to communicate with them their needs for my service. My main service is to help each individual to purchase the home of their dream or to help current homeowner get better rate and lower their monthly payment of their current home mortgage.”

John Sheppard - J Sheppard Loan Processing Service

“It taught me honor, integrity, hard work, perseverance, adaptability, how to improvise, overcome and complete on each mission.”

Shelly Bauer - Universal Investigations, LLC

“The experience acquired during my 23 years of military service and our unique approach to identify and complete our projects, places us at a different level than that of our competitors. Indirectly we are still serving our nation and those that are currently serving and we are extremely proud for it!”

Alfredo Quiros - Telum Protection Corp

“My experience as an infantry Marine taught me the value of extensive planning, yet gave me the ability to adapt well to ever-changing demands and situations. As a business owner, I'm able to provide faster solutions and service because of my military service experience.”

Klay South - Operation Care Package 24/7

“Military service has made me an even more responsible person!”

Roy Drangstveit - Minnesota Valley Inspections LLC

“14 years of service active duty and air national guard. Organizational skills lead to a structured business, learning to manage, lead and follow for a well rounded business plan, that has pointed us in the right direction.”

Chris Barcikowski - Mid Atlantic Commercial and Residential Real Estate Solutions Inc

“Being trained in supervision, discipline and attention to detail.”

Bernard Schuyler - Arctic Sky Excavating, LLC

“Big business is a bunch of "Hurry up, and Wait!" Just never give up.”

Steven Carr - Dreamweaver Distribution, LLC

“I became more confident in myself to the point if someone else is doing well I could to.”

Gary Wainwright - Zrii International

“The discipline it takes to be a successful soldier benefited me the most. I am able to focus and accomplish specific tasks more effectively because of my military experience.”

Jacqueline Ingol - Beautiful Plants LLC

“Taught me discipline!”

Pete Brush - My Geek For Hire

“Learned discipline, determination and perseverance.”

Hal Decker - Doctor Greens

“The discipline and rigid routines have prepared me to be honest, trustworthy, and above punctual in my approach to all of my inspection activities.”

Thomas Spoor - Quality Home Inspection

“In my eleven years of service I have honed skills on being process orientated all the while keeping a steady pace in accomplishing the objectives set. Discipline and motivation has helped me accomplish whatever it is that I set forth to do.”

William Tortorice - Wealth Management Group, LLC

“Military training prepared me to follow rules and steps in order to achieve goals. It taught me teamwork and how to be a good leader. There are some of the things I was able to use in order to become a business owner. The Army core values are something I have used as a way of life both in the military and in the business world, and it has been essential to our growth.”

Fernando Martinez - Ostar Motorsports

“Persistence and Organization!”

James Terhune - T&T Materials

“I learned how to discipline myself to run a lean business and to provide leadership to my employees!”

Mark White - Wake County Cleaning Company

“My service in the military taught me the core principles I needed in my industry, as well as how to pay attention to detail, take pride in my work, and navigate a global system. I am proud to be a Veteran and military wife offering a business opportunity to others.”

Corina DuBois - Celebrate Mama! LLC

“The military taught me structure, discipline, work ethic and teamwork. It helped show me that hard work can pay off. That by not quitting you can reach the goals that you set.”

Steven Matthews - RisingStar Entertainment

“Taught me how to figure out how to do something, gave me the ability to do it and the wherewithal to get it done.”

mike lynch - Beavercreek Garage Door/Mister Handy

“Organizational and leadership skills.”

James Abbott - Satcom Scientific, Inc.

“Made me a more dynamic, honest and determined individual!”

Jake Haap - Orion Home Inspections

“Better Business Owner: Organized, Motivated, Self Initiative.”

Andrew Ronchak - Green Leaf Corporation

“By supplying me with the tools to become a responsible, organized and motivated adult.”

Willie Vega Jr. - FITNESS 4 LIFE Personal Training

“Marine Corps taught me discipline and integrity.”

Steven Fikes - SFX Electric

“The military discipline most of all gave me the head start to achieve in civilian life and the command training gave me the ability to direct others toward goal accomplishment.”

Jim McConaghy -

“Taught me to lead by example.”

Jeffrey Allen - Global Crossroads Capital

“As a Retied Command Master Chief, USN, my military experience prepared me to be a better business owner through visible leadership, team work, hands on management, and a strong moral compass.”

Barry Hemphill - Green Things

“During my 21 years in the military, I have developed my discipline and attention to detail that I use everyday as a business owner. My biggest asset is STANDARDS, and that is why it's in the company name "Military Standards Window Cleaning.”

Scott Pearce - Military Standards Window Cleaning LLC

“Discipline-Team Work-Pride!”

DAVID DEMARS - North American Property Management

“Basic training was no joke. It instilled discipline, courage, and the will to "drive on troop"! While stationed in Fort Kobbe, Panama I depended on the guy to my right and to my left. Same goes with business.”

Tom Carter - Ultrabrite LLC

“Aberdeen Proving Ground school for blacksmith and welding.”

Ruperto FUENTES - Universal Refractrs & Boilers

“Being a Marine & D. I. speaks for it's self - There is only one way to do it and "That's The Right Way". ~ They call me {The Box Doctor} and I have 46 years experience Semper Fi”

Roger Maxson - Maxson Container Consultants

“I learned the discipline I needed to keep going even when things got tough. I also learned perseverance, loyalty, and willingness to see a job all the way from the initial phase to completion and I thank the armed services for this.”

Olin Granthum - Nilo Construction

“In so many ways. Discipline, integrity, long hours, able to use the skills I learned in the Army to establish policies and procedures for my company.”

Alisa Clark - Glory Professional Cleaning Services

“Taught me responsibility and leadership under fire. Company commander with 3rd Marine Division RVN.”

LEO DURANT - LND Construction

“The twenty-one years of varied assignments and responsibilities inherent with the positions provided the leadership and know-how to become a small business owner.”

Gary Pitchford - Veteran Hire Pursuit, LLC

“Military service prepared me to be an effective leader in all kinds of situations. It taught me to be a better decision maker and to be fair and equitable in my dealings with others.”

James Boles - BTI

“The military gave me leadership and Taught me discipline for every day life.”

Robert Morone - Morone's Mowing Inc.

“The military taught me responsibility and determination.”

James Jarrett - North American Environmental Services, LLC

“Leadership training and concept of personal Duty and Honor.”

Mark Preson - Operations and Engineering

“Discipline of finances. Only taking opportunities that present winning outcomes. Networking opportunities.”

CHARLIE FRISCH - Z3 Consultants Inc

“As a Master Training Specialist with the USN I gained valuable teaching experience that helped the transition to the private sector.”

H.G. Laragione - Maritime Institute Inc.

“Professionalism, Compassion and Prudence. All traits associated with growing up in a military family and continue today as I say congrats and good luck to a Grandson going the Navy way.”

Rick Pino - Ricon Compliance Inspections

“The 343rd. & 2849th. Civil Engineering Squadrons taught me the ins & outs of the Construction Industry. From how to set Brick, Block, Concrete, Windows, Doors & Drywall to Materials Procurement & Scheduling just to name a few.”

Michael Pereira - Palm Home Improvement Inc.

“Taught me organization and preparation.”

William R. Whitteker - Pansermesh Inc.

“It helped me develop a disciplined, organized and communicative work style.”

Karen Auguste - Purple Lynx Inc.

“I learned the basic from the military, respect all people and do my best for the mission at hand... that reflects the way I handle my business.”


“As a Navy hospital corpsman back in the mid 80s, I spent several years juggling many tasks at one time. Whether drawing blood or filing medical records, everything had to be extremely organized and done quickly and perfectly. There was no room for error when it came to dealing with my daily duties in the Navy and there is no room for error today in running an agency. The military also helped me become comfortable working with different people from all ranks and all walks of life which makes running a web-centric marketing agency like eWareness much easier.”

Brian St.Ours - eWareness

“The US Army gave me the ability to make quick decisions, even though difficult keep on doing the task or duty until operation is complete and done to the best of my ability. Taught me to work as a team member, to encourage others to keep on going!”

Roy Huckaby - Weedseal Northwest Sales and Service

“Hard work with attention to detail, supervising crews, Organization, Safety, Maintenance logs, Maintenance schedules and preventive maintenance of equipment. Patience, Respect of others.”

David Search - Endless Summer Lawn Care LLC

“The military taught me that there is always a way to get something done and I believe I have brought that attitude to my business.”

Matthew Gilmore - Lincoln Process Service

“Taught me how to deal with stress!”

Marty Katz - QBD Consulting, Inc

“Taught discipline, honesty, character, loyalty which we implement in our business everyday. Taught how to honor your country and to be responsible for your own actions. Made us proud to be an American and that to serve in the military is an honor.”

Gilbert Sentell - Sentell Engineering, Inc.

“I am always on time and I do what I say.”

Sam Emmerling - Sam Emmerling Company

“Procedures and systems.”

Ron Glazer - Ron Glazer

“The GI Bill launched me into an education in mechanical engineering. I started my education while still in the Navy and received a lot of help from my aircrew officers in mathematics and physics. I was then ready to start a 4-year program at UC.”

David Tostenson - DT Engineering Associates Inc.

“Organizational Skills.”

Keith Picard - VAL-FAB, Inc.

“Standing on my feet for hours, listening to the roar of the ships engines, and being meticulous are all necessary characteristics of a good sailor and a vigilant press man!”

Jeff Hooper - Hooper Printing

“Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!”

Lindy Scarborough - Magictainment

“The Navy gave me direction and allowed me to see opportunities that I thought were out of reach. It also taught me to be organized.”

Morgan Le Vally - Morgan Marine LLC

“My military service gave me the courage and determination to start and manage Extremely Clean Pressure Washing.”

Bryan Whalen - Extremely Clean Pressure Washing

“Serving in the military gave me a good sense of direction and ethical business practices as well as a hard-working and responsible lifestyle.”

Michael Friedberg - Secure Standards, LLC

“Work ethics, and responsibility.”

Thomas Hughes - DOD Consultants, LLC

“It helped me pay attention to small details and being prompt.”

Frederick Franks - Acme Logistics, Inc

“It taught me how to live with very little income.”

Brian Kinney - Brian Kinney Insurance Agency

“The Army instilled a sense of discipline, teamwork and organization in me that has bettered every aspect of my life. I would definitely not be where I am today without the time that I proudly served in the military.”

Robin Caton - Foundstuff Estate Sales & Personal Property Appraisals

“Leadership. Never surrender. Think outside the box.”

Fred Seger - Graydentech

“I was able to afford an education with the GI bill. Thank you Uncle Sam.”

Patrick Hamer - HomeSculptor

“Responsibility and honor.”

Joseph Gleason - J Gleason Consulting

“Discipline, discipline, discipline!”

Bob Wilburn - Matrix Construction Co., Inc.

“The military's ability to create professionals, good work ethic, discipline and can do attitude has definitely helped me with my business.”

Michael Rock - Rocktek

“Leadership and program management at the Defense Contract College.”

David Salvadorini - Salvadorini Consulting LLC

“Being in the military has taught me that no matter what background you come from or where you come from has nothing to do with the teamwork and family values that you leave there with. I loved meeting so many people from so many places.”

Stephanie Salupo - Admin On The Go

“Serving in the Navy has given me the discipline to be a better business owner. I was able to commandeer my four sons into getting involved with our family run business, therefore running a tight ship. Our Italian Ice business is run by all walks of people across the United States (some of which are veterans).”

Harry Moore - Little Jimmy's Italian Ice

“By developing my organizational skills and giving me pride and determination.”

Eric brackman - RFI Consultants

“My military service has helped me to be a better business owner by the organizational skills I was taught and the ability to adapt and overcome obstacles and adverse situations. Above all else honesty, integrity and to take responsibility.”

RUSSELL PRICE - R.J. Price Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

“It gave me the skill to stick to it when the going has been slow.”

Richard Jennings - R H Jennings, LLC

“It has made me disciplined and focused and able to multi-task.”

Doug Robinson - Maine Inspection & Engineering Company

“Almost 10 years in the USAF taught me many things including trustworthiness, timeliness, honesty, sense of pride, and ethical behavior.”

Michael White - Heritage Heating & Air LLC

“Dedication, discipline, versatility and communication is the major component in a business. The military developed these skills within myself.”

Tyrone scott - Serendipitys The Biggest Little Shop

“While an Air Force Officer, I learned to put integrity first and do everything with excellence. I also learned that organization and communication are keys to a successful project. I have carried these values to our company and live them daily.”

Justin Whitaker - AFV Construction LLC

“The organizational skills given to me by the US Navy have helped us to make better informed business decisions.”

Gary Branch - Cross Chart Records

“Training, tenacity and the willingness to finish a job.”

Michael Brown - Desert Mountain Consulting Corp

“The professionalism, discipline, and character of the people I had the honor to serve with taught us to always respect and treat our fellow man the way we want to be treated in business and in our every day life.”

Daniel B Jones - Purification Technologies

“Leadership, working with teams, management, efficiency and hard work.”

Mel Lamont - Lamont Brands Inc.

“Being a leader of Marines prepared me to take the reigns of my company and relentley give everything that I possibly can to ensure that our customer base comes first and receives nothing but the highest quality of service.”

Brett Granger - Global Garage Flooring and Design of Houston, LLC.

“The military showed me how to structure my time, money, and management.”

Brad Hedrick - Floor Designs

“The courtroom is a tough place to succeed, but not near as tough as the training and experiences I encountered in the Marine Corps as an enlisted infantryman.”

Russell Little - The Law Offices of Russell Little, LLC

“The military developed my leadership and management skills through the years and the ability to see how communications and relationships with other organizations was key in making your operations successful.”

Laura Orcutt - Laura Orcutt Business Operating Solutions LLC (LOBOS)

“Trust, leadership, independent, and the ability to talk and work with others to accomplish goals.”

Jeffrey Lakatos - Hartland Electric LLC

“The military provided a place to mature and see the world without the close protection of my family. Decisions made by myself were totally mine and had its repercussions either positive or negative. This was the place where you learn to be an adult.”

James E. Frederick - TimeLine Management Group, LLC

“I was a Army Corp of Engineer officer leading different platoons through multiple types of missions which really helped me be adaptable to change.”

James Farrell - The Lawson Flag Supply Co.

“Attention to detail and diligence in the way I perform my duties have proved beneficial in the corporate world.”

Christian Tolen - AmeriVet Logistics, Inc.

“Discipline, integrity, persistence.”

Pete Chrzaszcz - Commercial MasterMinds

“The military instilled the importance of pride and dedication in the task at hand, also the need for attention to the details of any task I undertake.”

Michael Langel - Proving Grounds Lawn Care

“I entered the Army at seventeen years old, as a high school drop out. The Army taught me the skills that have enabled me to thrive in any situation that I have found myself in. The training and education I was provided have made the man I am today.”

Scott Jones - Native Sons Services, LLC

“Serving in the military as an enlisted soldier made me appreciate how easy life really can be. It's all about making the best of every day and every business opportunity. Family and country!”

Steve Carby - VetRents Equipment & Sales Company

“Personnel Management. Leadership. Strong work ethic for long hours.”

Mark Rothrock - Rocky's Bar

“The leadership training I received in the US Army prepared me to take on many challenges in life as well as taught me the skills I needed to venture out and start my own business.”

Leopold Lacrimosa - SonoranDesertKnives

“Learned how to be more focused on getting things done, and to research as much as I can before taking action.”

David Rowland - Rowland Enterprises

“Military trains you to get things done and go the extra mile. This is the core philosophy for my company which shows in the way we treat our customers and the quality of work we perform.”

Gus Meyer - Cypress Door & Glass LLC

“My experiences in the Air Force as a Security Specialist taught me Leadership Skills, Attention to Detail and Pride in Accomplishing Tasks to a Degree of Perfection not found amongst many.”

Larry Ebeling - Spectrum A/V Group

“My service in the military has allowed me to travel the world and expand my herpetology experiences far more than I ever expected. The Army Values are what I bring to work every day in order to complete the task at hand; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.”

Luis Fraser - Rattlesnake Removal USA - N California

“Time and safety critical operations demand a higher level of personal accountability that most commercial operations. Military service (twenty-three years of US Navy service) builds-in a level of experience & confidence unmatched by other venues.”

Jim Holcombe - JHolcombe & Associates, Incorporated

“As a Marine, I was taught the values of leadership, discipline and camaraderie. This is still very much evident 35 years later.”

Frank Espinoza - Frank H Contractors

“The leadership and discipline from my military service prepared me for managing not only one business but two.”

Dorothy West - AVON - Independent Sales Representative - Dorothy West

“Attention to detail that is required in the military has driven our business. Getting to jobs on time and completing them with the quality that is required is also a skill pounded into us military members.”

Russ Stark - Surface Specialists of Arrowhead Country

“Never quit or give up!”

Randy Hill - RRJN Inc.

“Made me a strong leader and willing to pursue my goals.”

ramzi torbey - Halo-8

“The military has provided me with the perseverance required to stay focused to any obstacle or task at hand.”


“My military service enhanced my ability to meet the challenges that owning a business sends my way. By teaching me that I am stronger physically and mentally then I ever thought possible.”

Dawn Mata Crane - La Matadora Cosmetics

“Taught me the importance of responsibility, commitment, integrity, honor, service. Never to give up, always stand for what is right. GOD bless all our veterans, and GOD bless the United States of America.”

Jose Uz - Caribbean Realty Support Services

“Discipline, pride in workmanship, attention to detail, extraordinary customer service ethic.”

Jeff Truesdale - Proforma True Solutions

“Serving in the Army and now the Reserves has helped me to be more aware of the world around me. My organizational and communication skills have improved, I have an increased love for my country and our freedoms. I returned from my 4th deployment to Afghanistan (2012) and am honored to say that I have served with the finest men and women and am grateful for their support and for what we have learned together.”

Adam Peters - Three Willows Counseling, LLC

“The discipline, training, and life experiences make veterans the best small business leaders in the civilian community. We use all those learned lessons and training experiences and apply them to our day to day operations and find they work extremely well.”

Michael Mizell - Millennium Security Services, LLC

“Leadership skills!”

C. J. Brown III - PeoplePower

“Define goals, keep focus and achieve defined objectives.”

Leslie Cooley - Pierce/Cooley Architects, Inc.

“It has given me the discipline to realize that what the mind can see it can achieve!”

Richard Olvera - LegalShield Independent Associate - Richard Olvera

“I learned to take responsibility for situations.”

Christopher Rice - Southern Finishes Estimating, LLC

“I was in the United States Marine Corps, it taught me to make the best of what I have to work with and never give up.”

Wilbert Guice - The Point Mans Guide

“With training in leadership.”

Tom Shelters - Shelters Home Inspections

“The military has given me the foundation to run and own a company.”

JASON LOFTIS - Courier Solutions, Inc.

“The military prepared me very well by instilling the willingness to work long hours and a toughness to complete any task. The military also gave me the opportunity to get a degree using the GI Bill which made this all possible. Thank you!”

Dennis Dilley - PCB Interconnect Solutions, LLC

“Military service instills many fine characteristics such as integrity, responsibility, loyalty, commitment, and much more. It makes you appreciate the freedoms that we are afforded because of the sacrifices of those know what it truly means to serve.”

Jeff Haynes - Realty Inspection Services, LLC

“Veteran Owned Business (.com) has provided us a platform to not only share with the world our inspection services, but it also opens an opportunity for our company to refer and promote other veteran listings as well. What a great concept long overdue!”

Gary Sloan - Discovery Inspections, LLC

“My military duty has prepared me to constantly pay close attention to detail and multi task to correctly cover my clients. It has also prepared me to deal with the fast pace and hi level of stress that comes with running an Insurance agency.”

Michael Barden - Barden Insurance Agency

“Discipline and the ability to converse with all levels of people. Confidence. Airborne training proved that I could accomplish what I set out to do.”

Charles Luntz - Charles Luntz & Associates

“Attention to detail and the mindset to get the job done one way or another!”

Michael Jarecke - mjaUSA Hosting & Online Services

“The Army gave me the skills and confidence to open my own business. The support I have already received from fellow veterans gave me the push I need to know that I can succeed as part of the veterans community.”

Robert Kent - MN Concealed Protection, LLC

“Active, detail-oriented, discipline, focus, hardworking, observant, regimented, scheduled.”

Pete Petroulias - Phoenix Communications & Cabling, Inc.

“Government contracts can be a daunting task. However, having served in the Army the skills you develop as a leader prepare you to adapt to changing needs and to pay close attention to detail.”

Taylor Justice - Squared Away Construction

“I was a young, slightly wild young man. The Army helped me to grow up fast. I met other young men from around the country that gave me a broader view of life. The Army teaches discipline, a strong work ethic, and a real love for the USA.”

William Templeton - Truck Xtreme

“I was in the US Army in the early 1980's. As a young man starting fresh in the world, the army gave me the discipline, self confidence and the proper lifestyle structure to have 3 successful businesses and now my current website design company.”

Gregg Vollman - EZ Duzit Websites

“I spent 17.5 years serving on active duty. All of the days had enriched my development which in turn has made in to the Man I am today.”

John Adair - J&H Custom Woodworking

“Endurance and diligence.”

Tim Donaldson - Media Dreams LLC

“The military life requires discipline and focus - two key elements required to be successful in business. We have a very unique perspective on life once we are no longer active in the military but the residual affect of our commitment is evident.”

Sofia Hogan - Sofia Hogan Biz Coaching

“Taught me not to quit even in today's economy.”

Merlyn Seeley - Shikata Enterprises

“The years in the military prepared me to handle any situation that comes along. It also prepared me to persevere through adversity. It made me a stronger person both mentally and physically.”

thomas heinz - PDQ Delivery Service

“Discipline, flexibility, honor, and sacrifice.”

Dave Weiner - Phoenix Executive Services

“Prepared me to be a responsible and accountable person. Has also helped with organization and structure.”

Raymond Bartholow - Total Product Services, LLC

“It has prepared me to not only succeed, but to challenge myself to be better at what I do.”

Abe Campos - Abe's Mobile Wash

“Good Leader.”

Jay Owimrin - All Star Sports 4 Kids

“Having learned quality, integrity and dependability in the service, I apply the same to all I do in business.”

Carl Newmeyer - At Your Service Home Maintenance

“My military experience has instilled the values in me that it takes to be an accomplished business owner.”

Stephen Burleson - Burleson Lawn Service

“Learned discipline and to stick with it.”

Bruce Cram - Douglas Enterprises Transportation Services

“Work with no supervision.”

Mike Morin - Mike & Sue Properties

“The military helped me mature. It also helped in making critical decisions.”

James Mathews - National System of Garage Ventilation

“My time in service instilled order and discipline into every part of my life. Carrying out daily tasks from start to finish. Showing respect for others. These things are most important in any successful business.”

Del Lawson - Photo Video 2000

“Dedication, hard work and always faithful (semper fidelis).”

Ron Hall - R & S Small Engine Service

“Many traits were derived from military service, especially because of the age of the person. Most service people entered a branch of a service at 18 to 21 years of age. These are formative, learning and experience-gathering years that are nurtured.”

Joel Jablons - The TEEJAY Co.

“It has definitely installed the discipline and dedication in me that is required to run a successful business.”

Shonda Lewis - Proactive Support Solutions

“After 8 years in the Marine Corps, I have learned that such values as Honor, Courage and Commitment not only apply to the military and battlefield, but to my professional life as well. Vets need to look out for each other just as we did in service.”

Greg Trost - No Surrender Productions

“Understanding what teamwork it takes to truly take care of specific needs of soldiers directly applies to customer service. You must apply yourself and your team to provide great customer service.”

Richard Tillery - Veterans InfoSec Services

“Went in as a kid, came out more grown up.”

Chris Rider - DirtGlue Enterprises

“Honesty, integrity and hard work.”

Scott Eastman - GreatScott Images

“USAF provided outstanding training and experience which has enabled me to become a bar-none, state-of-the-art computer and electronics guru.”

JOSEPH SMITH - Joseph Smith - IT and RF Consultant

“The military education that I have had along with my job as an engineering draftsman/illustrator as well as art school has prepared me to do what is required for the sign business. I have served in the Navy as well as a Civil service retirement.”

William Smith - Signs by Splat

“The Army has helped me become a better business owner by giving me the confidence and knowledge to provide people with a service. The leadership tools that I acquired in the army made me a better communicator and listener.”

Richard Baisden - T&D Productions, LLC

“Discipline is the word.”

Joseph Massie - Massie Commercial Real Estate Services

“Improvise and overcome any difficult situation which applies to the construction trades, organization and planning to meet all challenges.”


“As a Military Veteran, I have learned the importance of being a team player, as well as the ability to organize, and manage in a business environment. I have learned the ability to speak intelligently to any and everyone I meet.”

Deontea Vickers - The Notary Lady Services

“Serving in the US Army, it gave me a sense of duty to be loyal to my fellow man - my fellow business owner. Taking pride in your country or your business creates a standard or a moral bar that is set at a high level that brings satisfaction daily.”

Robert Gaskin - National Business Loans

“The military taught structure and discipline, which is a must in business. Therefore, the preparation to operate a successful business has been accomplished. The military time taught patience for economic crisis and financial trials such as now.”

Toney Clark - Fresh Start Help Center, Inc.

“I have learned how to handle a challenge.”

Glen Sandiford - My Virtual Accountants

“My experience as an electrician in the Navy helped enable me to use this knowledge in construction and remodeling for residential and commercial customers.”

Robert Stouter - Stouter Construction, LLC

“We are able to produce the required documentation, samples and attention to detail needed to help make our customers approvals and acquisition processes go smoothly.”

Will Cronin - Tiger Foam Insulation

“The service taught me honor, courage, commitment, and how to think on your toes. Ever since my exit with the Navy I knew that I would do something great. I have always had high standards in everything I have ever done, now the business does that.”

Tony Webber - TNT Drywall and Painting

“Learned responsibility and chain of command.”

Clifton Coleman - Ugly Otter Trading Post

“Military Service should be an obligation and not an option. It prepares you for life!”

Jeff Ross - The One Day Landlord

“My business is built on trust and integrity - The Army's ability to create professionals, strong work ethic, discipline and positive attitude has definitely helped me to succeed in my business.”

Mickey Schroeder - ATX Movers

“Made me strong to get the job done.”

Jenna Whitmore - AvowTech, LLC

“Leadership, management skills, problem solving.”

James Wissenbach - Calamity's

“G6 Communications is owned by 3 U.S. Marines who understand what attention to detail means.”

Mark Clemens - G6 Communications, LLC.

“Being a veteran of 8 years and still an active member of the reserves, has taught me to work hard, be dedicated to my goals, and continue my education. I have also gained the quality of presenting myself in a professional manor.”

Cory Jiggens - Fishbone Computing

“Opened our small business up to more consumers. Especially fellow veterans who have stood tall and proud for our country.”

Kenneth Elliott - P's Sleeves

“Responsibility and accountability. The military taught me how both of these words will have an impact on my military career. Now that I am retired I have adapted these principals into my everyday business life.”

kevin Palladino - PAL's Power Washing, LLC

“With organization, planning, and commitment, I am ready for any challenge.”

Robin Mack - Robin Mack

“Very attentive to detail, caring and sharing with others.”

Jim Shear - Sekurenet Inc.

“Taught me to focus and set goals to attain desired results.”

Anthony Barbarette - Smoky Mountain Kayaking

“Military Service gave me my first introduction to Federal Government work and the discipline that was derived from being a Marine shaped me personally in my work ethics, attitude and dedication to detail. My Marine Corp training was invaluable.”

Valerie Lewis - Valerie Lewis Janitorial

“My military experiential base as a program and project manager, logistical specialist, and variety of other attributes from the service helped keynote the abilities I have learned to develop to be successful as a business owner.”

Dennis R Stebbins - Ventus Travel

“The military prepares people with a unique perspective on challenges. Veterans learn how to approach the world from another angle, and have an unparalleled drive and focus for meeting each challenge.”

Chad Bowerman - The Yellow Dog Group, LLC

“My four years in the military helped me prepare for business by training in personnel, logistics, basic management, movement of manpower, personnel training, discipline, intelligent thinking.”

Bob Socks - BS Marketing & Promotions

“The training I received in the NAVY helped with my self confidence and made me believe that I can do anything. I learned to work with many different people and honed both interpersonal and management skills.”

Jennifer Krajcir - Cycle Stop, Inc

“Being a former military member has set the foundation for my business. A great business owner constantly practices due diligence and commitment, and leadership, three very important skills that I have gained from my military experience.”

Jamie Kincade - JLK Global Enterprises, Inc.

“The Marine Corps teaches organizational and leadership skills that are vital in a business setting. It also instills values such as honesty and integrity, which many businesses lack these days. The military also paid for my college education.”

Nicole Wylie - No Streaking Professional Window Washing

“18 months in Vietnam in 1969 right out of high school teaches you how to handle any situations that comes your way, and for me that 18 month tour has made me a better business owner.”

Jon Murany - Photo-Tec Graphics & Signs

“Service before self, always doing your best, attention to detail.”

Glenn Heald - Santa Talks - A Book by Santa Glenn Heald

“Introduced me to mechanical engineering.”

Paul Martin - Sigma Psi Consulting Engineers, PLLC

“Promptness and discipline!”

DeMond Nelson - XTK Cleaning

“Being in the military gave me the courage to step outside myself and take a chance.”

Gail Walker - Paddle and Pedal Adventures

“Being from a home with no father involvement, the service gave me the direction and opportunities in life that was helpful in becoming a successful business owner.”

Mark S. Haines - Tropical Environmental, Inc.

“I am currently doing the same work the navy trained me on almost twenty years ago.”

Kirk Campainha - Universal Fire Protection

“I've been doing government contracting for 43 years. Retired C.O. from the USAF in 1986.”

Rick Horn - Nevada Procurement Outreach Program

“The Air force taught me discipline, to pay attention to detail, to be on time and many other things to numerous to name.”

James Gibbs - Quality Painting by James

“Working on military aircraft has shown the reason for high quality and zero defects.”

Michael Priest - Revolution Prototype and Machine

“Military service gives one structure, goal and a way to accomplish those goals.”

Richard Hope - Richard Hope Construction

“In December, 1967, I executed the documents to attend officer candidate school in the US Marine Corps. My approval to participate in the program occurred in April, 1968. I began my military career in July, 1968 as a US Marine. I completed officer candidate school and was awarded a commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the US Marine Corps Reserve. I then attended The Basic School and subsequently attended USMC combat engineer school. All Marines are seaborne infantry riflemen first and foremost. My training in leadership, military discipline, military organization, small unit tactics, espirit de corps and general preparation to go to war in Vietnam has served me well in business. My experience in war in Vietnam as a platoon commander of 30 plus Marines, my experience as a company commander of 180 Marines and my experience as a company level executive officer gave me leadership experience where I assumed responsibility for managing the lives of men that is only possible in war time.”

Ben Bell - JMC Construction LP DBA Safety Nerds

“Gave me the experience and confidence to handle myself and my affairs. It provided travel opportunities that opened my eyes to the entire world.”

Dave Pinchotti - Trippe Supply Co. of Washington, DC, Inc

“It taught me personal responsibility, accountability, and efficiently.”

william frueh - Treeline Design LLC

“It's my name on the line. I make sure everything is done right this time and every time.”

Robert Evans - Tree City Lawn Care

“Well-established a specialized military background while working in the civilian world offers a wealth of knowledge to the public and government agencies.”

Mike Drevline - Tradevet, Inc.

“As a veteran of combat ready carrier duty, it provided me emergency preparedness experience as it relates to supporting local and large scale disasters.”

Jerome Hamilton - TractorFax Technologies, LLC

“Discipline, courage with 3rd Bat/26th Marines and 1st Bat/13th Marines.”

Stephen Coyle - Town-Green

“The Navy prepared me to become a business owner by instilling strong values and discipline to get things accomplished, goal setting and time management. It taught me how to deal with a variety of different people from all walks of life. It taught me to take pride in everything that I do.”

Marc House - Total Shred Solutions, LLC

“Received the highest quality of training and education to be able to the skills I received into the private sector. Taught me about leadership, professionalism, integrity, commitment and dedication. All our clients can tell the difference of the type of service and professionalism they received between a veteran and non-veteran.”

ROBERT FICKES - First Line Security Services

“Hard work, discipline, attention to detail, professional and responsible in all we do!”

Remo Mazzetti - First State Contractors, Inc.

“20 yrs. as a Navy Seabee has taught me a lot of construction skills as well as time management and self discipline.”

Fredrick Trippler - Fix It Fred Handyman Service

“It prepared me to be a more organized and responsible person. By being in the Army, I developed a mentality that enabled me to become self-efficient and resourceful in starting and maintaining a business venture.”

Patricia Minton - Flower Divas

“My time spent in the Marines taught me dedication, discipline, and gave me a "No-Quit" attitude. It has helped me to start and run my company.”

Tyler Fox - Fox Benefit Solutions

“My military service prepared me to be a better business owner by working with other people of all nationalities and races. It prepared my by teaching me to be organized and mission focused.”

Douglas Akers - Fresh and Frozen Delights, LLC

“Learned to work as a team. Learned the need to keep studying. Leaned to plan ahead and to work a plan.”

George Trost - G. E. Trost & Associates, Inc.

“Military service taught me discipline to keep working to get the job done, not to be afraid to tackle something I was unfamiliar with, and to take care of the men and women assigned to me, which today is taking care of my customers.”

John Byers - Music Man Apparel

“The Navy provided opportunities for progressive leadership and management responsibilities and the skills to exceed in any environment. By capitalizing on the skillets learned, I have been successful in all my post Navy leadership roles.”

Kevin D. Reside - National Safety Technology LLC

“I learned how to prepare an effective business plan and to execute the various details of the plan to the benefit of the organization.”

Ron Denbow - NE Ohio Real Estate, LLC

“1.) Work ethic 2.) Technical training”

Thomas Gaume - Network Computer Services, Inc

“Organization, Leadership, Dedication.”

Edward Houston - New Genesis Organization, LLC

“Teaching me to never give up no matter what happens.”

Jack Gentile - New York Aviation Corporation

“The biggest gift from the military for me lies in understanding the necessity for clarity at the onset of what you want to achieve, planning and organizing for that result and ensuring you have some way of getting on-going feedback about how things are truly going with respect to your plan.”

Reggie Crane - Next Level Coaching and Consulting Services

“Military service taught me discipline, strategic thinking, perseverance and teamwork.”

Tomas Santos-Alejandro - Nexus Technology Solutions

“Focus and discipline, organization and importance of readiness and training.”

Thomas Savoy - Northwest Pedorthics

“I spent four years in the Air Force Medical Corp and flew as a crew-member in a "crash rescue helicopter." From Basic Training to Advanced Medical Training I was taught RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-SUFFICIENCY, DEDICATION TO PURPOSE, and that FAILURE IS NEVER AN OPTION. They have all served me very well in my private life and business career.”

Sharrel Davison - Northwest Uniforms, Inc.

“Improved communication skills due to extensive experience in leadership positions throughout my 23 years active duty.”

Sergio DelHoyo - NOVA Home Inspection LLC

“Discipline, hard work, and a "can do" attitude are attributes to any successful business.”

Troy Decker - Symmetry Installations

“I have come to understand that their are no limits with the right motivation and ambition in a "free market system".”

Nathaniel Selby - Syndicate Moving and Transport


Timothy Foor - T4 Construction, Inc

“I am able to plan, prioritize and execute a plan while ensuring all resources necessary are available!”

Tamasine Wood-Creighton - Tamasines Camo Green

“Military service forces one to learn discipline and realize that we are on our own in this world. Also, Veteran’s benefits can help each of us learn all that we can, with some assistance from Uncle Sam.”

Chris Wyman - Tech Pubs Solutions

“It gave me the ability to manage people.”

Lamont Jefferies - The Beverage Channel

“My time in the Marine Corp taught me values such as honesty, hard work and discipline will pay you back ten fold in everything you do, including but not limited to, your personal life as well as your business.”

Ron McCollum - The Construction Services Group, Inc

“My military service made me realize that the only limits on my success were the ones I allowed.”

Brian Fletcher - The Fletcher Law Firm PLLC

“The time I spent in the Army reenforced my resolve to achieve more than average goals. I was chosen as a platoon leader in basic and further developed a sense of responsibility and accountability. As I met fellow soldiers, I developed a deep respect for those who had seen combat and the sacrifices many made.”

Claudia "Tiger" Adams - The Horse In Sport

“The Marines instill self-respect, loyalty, attention to detail, and well to achieve dreams that may seem unreachable. Usually outnumbered, and trained to complete the mission and never to surrender, I view this poor economy as a strength, not a weakness, but to build on, and improve organizational operations to assure the highest customer service to accomplish company goals.”

Jerry Holmes - The Iowa Trim House

“I am able to improvise and adapt to changes in the marketplace faster than our competitors. Also, I consider those working for our organization to be our most valuable assets.”

Mark Moore - The MEP Group Inc.

“Communications and teamwork.”

James Sleter - The Place To Go Travel

“It Forged a "Can Do Attitude" Coupled with personal Accountability, Perseverance, dedication and loyalty.”

Octavio George Manso - The Pressure's On Us

“I was young when I went into the service and the experience taught me many things on how to handle myself in any given situation. Since leaving the service I have always used this skill to apply to everything I do.”

Jene Jacoby - 21st Century Consultants Co

“Military service helped me set goals and become a better civilian and appreciate love for my country and what it does to keep this world safe. God bless America!”

ALVIN FIGUEROA - A & M Fire and Safety Equipment, LLC

“When I was drafted in 1971 I was only 19 years old. The two years I served I grew up and matured. I learned team work and the meaning to words like pride, honesty, respect, and loyalty. Today I apply these traits to my business and work ethic.”

Terry Bazler - A-1 Pool Care

“My business is structured in the same way as the military is ran with a chain of command. This structure is the way that helps us hold employees accountable for their actions.”

Steve Batcheller - A-1 Rental, Inc.

“I feel that 10 years of service, with extensive training and discipline, have better prepared me to be a fair and honest business owner.”

William Abrams - Abrams Group Construction, LLC.

“The military discipline, policies and procedures helped me to be a better entrepreneur. Order, responsibility and commitment are keys to a successful business. PLDC (leadership training) helped me prepare to be a better boss as well. I was trained in the Army to be a mechanic, which was my career goal since grade school. Also included in my AIT (mechanic school) was an annex on recovery that peaked my interest as well as gave me a good idea what proper vehicle recovery was all about.”

Kim Ford - Bad Girl Towing

“Learned how to run this law firm from my developed character as a Navy corpsman.”

Jeremiah N. Ollennu - Law Prime, Ollennu Law Firm, LLC

“Leadership and organization.”

Steve Lawton - Lawton & Company, Cabinetmakers by Trade, Inc.

“Leading others, goal setting and discipline.”

Larry LeDoux - LeDoux Industries, Inc

“Discipline, integrity, perseverance.”

Terence Jones - Legacy Contractors

“Trained me to supervise, multi task. It taught me that nothing in business is static and you need to be able to accept change.”

Ro Saxon - Legal Nurse Consulting of America LLC

“The Military made me a man. During my Tour of Duty, I learned leadership, respect, teamwork, organization, structure, and most important Honesty, Compassion, The love of our Country and all the people who live here and who give their lives everyday.”

John Dafonte - Port Bolivar Marine Service, Inc.

“I learned how to overcome diversity, remain focused on my goals, meet challenges with relentless passion in order to exceed the expectations of those I served with. I also gleaned much from the fine individual's who served around me with regard to leadership styles, foresight, and planning. Given awesome responsibility at a young age I learned how to make critical decisions under pressure which continues to serve me well.”

Robert Roy - Positive VSI, Inc.

“Honor, courage, and commitment are the Corp Values that make the Bedrock of Character for each of us at Praetorian Group. The Marine Corp instilled these values and pride. We have been deployed to the Middle East on several tours of duty and our assignments forwarded the cause as well as our experience. Our organization has developed using this experience and training resulting in an excellent performance record and adherence to an established Business Organization Plan.”

Quentin Goins - Praetorian Group and Associates LLC

“Being in the Marines I have learned how to improvise, adapt, and overcome.”

Oscar Kelley - Life Insurance for All and (Diabetics) - Oscar Kelley

“It taught me that we all need each other. It matters not where the other guy is from, or where he went to school, or what his occupation is; as long as we're firing in the same direction, we have each others back.”

Will Taylor - Precious Home Care Services

“My service in the U.S. Army has prepared me in business by: understanding my goals, mission, and methods used by competition. I am a combat veteran; so, I understand the “need to have” vs. the “nice to have” tools and strategies to survive and win. Leadership methods learned in the military have helped me coach, council, manage, motivate as well as discipline/reward my employees. Communication, documentation, initiative, organization, professionalism, teamwork, technical quality and technical quantity as well as time management skills were business tools that I learned while in the service.”

Dave Tong - Premier Technical Services Corporation

“You don't give up when things get tough and you keep you head when others lose it.”

Michael Kozeliski - PrepFire Solutions LLC

“It taught me that you must be committed to a duty to fulfill properly. Also to know you have what it takes to be a winner. How to respect others and always treat them fairly. Responsibility also means others are counting on you to do what you say.”

james c contarino sr - Pepsipainters+

“Responsibility and dedication.”

Eduardo Gonzalez - PerfumeStudio

“The United States Army has given me the tools to be able to face any problem with a "get it done" attitude. Failure is not an option.”

Michael David - Phoenix 21 LLC

“During my tour of duty, I managed funds, property, deployments and people. I am very blessed that I served. My professional duties included, military police and Aviation (UH1,OH58, Cobra).”

Edward Harris - Picture Perfect Framing & Art & Building Green Distributors, Inc

“Attention to detail and follow through Leadership.”

Robert Amacker - Process Engineering & Fabrication

“Getting the job done right, the first time, on time. Teamwork and preparedness. Integrity is an integral part of our business and a core value of the Air Force and all armed forces.”

David Myers - ProAxis IT

“The skills that my partner & learned in the Marines & Air Force, with regard to assessment, planning & follow-through have all played an important part in the development of our business plan and implementation thereof.”

Edward Treanor - Problem Solver GPS Solutions

“The military gave me the discipline that I needed, which has helped me tremendously in my entrepreneurial efforts. It gave me a sense of self, and the desire to succeed. I developed a host of great, long lasting friendships, which will also assist me in my business building efforts. It is because of my time in the military that I have the drive to venture outside of the normal view of success and start my own business.”

Walter Lindsey - Unity One East, Inc

“Discipline. Being on time. Doing what I said I would do. Responsibility. Loyalty.”

Rod Manuel - PuroClean Restoration Services - Humble TX

“Because of Combat Training @ Fort Polk during my Service Time. Work Ethics, Honesty, Character, Morality, Desire to Achieve.”

Emial Douglas - Automated Controls

“The Navy - Team work makes us all work together T-Together E-Everyone A-Accomplishes M-More”

Lawrence Baumlin - Southern Lights Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“I am a much more responsible, driven, & motivated entrepreneur who knows what to do to get the job done & understands the effort needed to see opportunities & investments through to the end. I help my clients also see the same opportunities & keep them in business. Staying within budget is very important & I help my clients make the most of what they can spend & the discipline to stay on their course of action no matter what the situation. If we must change, we adapt & overcome the obstacles”

Philip Gattuso - Southern Property Group, LLC

“For me it was the discipline to start true to course. It allowed me to become comfortable with stressful conditions and working with all types of people. The military personal and commitment to brothers in arms is something only a veteran and his family can understand. Whether you are WW1 or Desert Storm Veteran, we stand together in brotherhood.”

jack coovert - Southwest Refrigeration and Air Services

“Take care of the soldier next to you and hopefully you'll see the glorious sun rise," is a quote from one of my platoon sergeants in Iraq. Out of uniform I will support our troops so they too may see the glorious sun rise.”

Skip Spoerke - Special Kindness In Packages, Inc.

“The army has taught me responsibility, dependability, and to get the job done. The army has prepared me to be a better person in every aspect of my life.”

David Chess - Spine Recovery Center

“Being in the U.S. Army taught me Business Structure. I has taught me how to carry out orders and go beyond the expected in bringing back results. Being part of the military family taught me the importance of communication ans structure. It also taught my son the importance of military life. He is currently serving in the US MARINE CORPS. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve your company and bring success to your endeavors.”

George Epps - Stars and Stripes Technologies

“My service has provided me with leadership skills, dedication, and has provided me with the morals that go far beyond the Army.”

Jason Stephenson - Stephenson Painting

“Military Service teaches discipline, dedication, and professionalism. It teaches accountability, follow-through, attention to detail, and the value of education and training. As a result of my military service, I provided management and supervision to very large organizations and groups. I also obtained advanced education. Lastly, as a senior military officer, I obtained extensive experience in dealing with National, International, and other government officials.”

Sherrie Aly - Strategic Solutions and Analysis, LLC

“The military taught me discipline, courage & strength. It strengthened the qualities that I already had & just made me a better person in general. From all the traveling I guess you could say I am more cultured as well.”

Sandra Atkinson - Stress Busters Massage Therapy

“The United States military is the most effective organization to teach discipline, leadership, and perseverance. These skills and mental attitudes are teachable and transferable to any other organization.”

Jerrold Strong - Strong Consulting

“Strong Networking Abilities.”

Andre Tetrault - SW FL Biometrics

“Jim has been our Executive Director since 2008. He enlisted in the US Army in 1978 and he was commissioned as an officer in 1988. Medically discharged in 1992 due to service-connected injuries from the Persian Gulf War, he formed the Veterans Information Network in 1993 and became involved in the national veterans movement which created the NGWRC at that time. He has remained an active leader of the NGWRC for that entire time, serving on our Board of Directors for many years. He has represented veterans as a member of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, and he has testified before Congress promoting legislation and funding that has since been enacted, helping veterans receive better health care and benefits.”

James Bunker - National Gulf War Resource Center

“Was given a typewriter while going into the seventh grade in school and have been typing ever since then. While in the Army in 1959, I was trained to be a Teletype Operator and worked at the Western Union at Ft. Benning, GA. Have been typing ever since then and had many excellent jobs which required my typing skills. Among them were Lockheed and also, Hughes Aircraft, typing Technical Manuals.”

LaWanda Lawson - Lighthouse Typing

“Running a business is an everyday challenge and I have learned that it could be worse. So let's all appreciate what we have and not waste our time.”

Tony Blanca - Lightning Bug Electric

“Perseverance. Being able to adjust to each situation.”

Tony A. Lane - Limb Walker Tree Service, Inc.

“Provided for a College Education.”

Donald B. Johnson - Donald B. Johnson & Associates

“The military service instilled confidence in my abilities and taught me leadership.”

David Hall - DRH Engineers PLC

“Most of all, military taught me persistence, dedication and integrity which has been quite beneficial in pursuing my dreams as a successful business owner.”

Donnie Savage - DRS Services, Inc.

“Being in the service better prepared me by allowing me to grow as a team member and gather the understanding needed to see the "big picture." It allowed me to appreciate the hard work it takes to ensure projects are done right the first time because if you fail to do things right the first time people can be injured or deadlines are not meet. It is imperative to meet deadlines and ensure projects are correctly planned and completed. I love the service members dedication and sacrifice they show.”

Kevin Jannarone - Veteran Landscape

“The warrior ethos which emphasizes "mission first" and the military traditions of integrity and discipline have made me a better person. The ability to prioritize and utilize risk assessment in even the smallest of tasks ensures that I always operate in a productive and safe manner. The same motivation that makes a good soldier makes a good business owner.”

Michael Caldwell - Veteran Property Maintenance

“Attention to detail.”

Michael Pues - Veteran Stone Inc

“The Patriotism motivated me to go into my own business as Paul "The Flag Man" Bramson.”

Paul Bramson - V.E.T.S. - Ventura

“The Military taught me to Plan and stay focused on the goals I wish to accomplish above all to never give up!”

Edward Sordelet - Vets 4 Vets Inc

“Although I'm a Disabled Veteran (70%) The Navy provided excellent educational opportunities and people skills which apply to a Tax preparation business. Even in a wheelchair within a few years you can earn a six figure income in the first four months of every year.”

gary ridge - Vets Tax Service

“Carrying out responsibilities in a correct and timely manner. Attention to detail. Great work ethics, on time and working until the task is complete.”

Stan LaFlamme - VETSEL, llc

“My 21 years of military service has given me the discipline, the leadership skills, and the determination to accomplish my mission and to service my community.”

Willie Mitchell - W C Mitchell & Associates Inc

“Processes, Strategy, operations, and tactics are designed to win!”

J Beaumont Chatham - Warrior Life Coach

“Discipline, organization, attention to detail and drive.”

John Pillo - Weiss Medical, Inc.

“Returning from my tour in Vietnam, I experienced what it is like to be scorned, rejected and misunderstood. That experience led me to resolve to try and treat everyone I meet as a special person who deserves love and respect. I, especially, want to see our newest veterans treated with the honor and respect they so richly deserve.”

Michael Parker - White Stone Outreach

“The Army was the best thing that ever happened in my life. As an enlisted man and then as an officer it helped me to develop business traits that I use today.”

R Rodriguez - Wiseman Capital Group

“I learned leadership, organization and responsibility!”

Douglas Woodward - Woodward & Associates Inc.

“The discipline and teamwork aspects of military service lead to a reliable, self-motivated person. The education, both during and after my service, gave me the wherewithal to perform at my best in every endeavor, giving me a vast knowledge base from which to pull in efforts to complete projects beyond expectations.”

Charlie Woodward - Woodward Services

“Discipline, knowledge, being prepared.”

Donald Worley - Worley Machine Enterprises Inc.

“Military service prepares an individual by instilling organizational skills and the good old American work ethic.”

Phil Young - Young & Bertke Air Systems

“Learned focus thru the self-discipline I learned in the military. I also have learned how to work against tight time deadlines and prioritize while in the Navy.”

Gregory Peckham - Your Hometown Homeopath LLC

“Serving in the Army for 9 years gave me the confidence,patience,integrity and respectfulness to start my own company. There are 3 things in my life I am grateful for. Meeting my wonderful wife, being a proud father and joining the US Armed Forces.”

Darryl Jackson - Pearl Acquisitions Group, Inc

“The Military Decision Making Process (MDMP0 is straight forward and translates into a business plan very easily. You are well prepared to write a comprehensive plan if you have ever written documentation for MDMP or Operation Orders (OPORDs).”

William Peacock - PHD Computers, Inc

“I was a Air Force Plumber for four years.”

Frederick Schilling - Pipeline Backflow Services

“25th Infantry Division Troop List as of 31 January 1970Vietnam. 595 combat engineers. Motivated me to go back and finish school.”

DANA SORENSON - Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation

“My book has been in print for 10 years and I just wanted to "Give Back" for all of the help I've received through the VA.”

Tony DeLiso - Legacy: The Power Within

“Built confidence in my ability to do jobs right and be proud of my work.”

William Slater - Precision Machined Parts LLC

“The military has given me the structure, discipline, and the willingness to succeed and expect only the best from myself.”

Marcel Murrell - Prime Market Realty

“To overcome obstacles and adapt to stressful situations.”

Donald Kennedy - ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati

“My 13+ years of military service provided me with excellent training in preparation for a professional career. The military teaches attention to detail, discipline, and teamwork. These traits have proven to be extremely valuable as I have moved ahead in my professional career with business organizations, and moreso now that I am a private entrepreneur helping others through my consulting business.”

Herman Tomer - Tomer Development Company

“Navy core values of honor, courage and commitment are a daily part of my business.”

Troy Olson - TNT Home Builders

“Military prepared me by teaching me leadership skills. This allows me to get jobs completed fast and keep cost low.”

Timothy Davis - Timothy L. Davis Land Surveyor

“To be truthful, prompt and dedicated.”

TONY DELLINCARPINI - Thompson Press Inc.

“Working in a company, battalion, and brigade the military has taught me to deal with a wide variety of personalities, problems, and issues. The military has taught me to know when to react immediately and when to hold back and wait for the smoke to clear. Mostly, it has taught me to persevere in the face of tough economic times.”

Garrett Thompson - Thompson Family Chiropractic

“Leadership and commitment!”

D. Michael Johnson - ThermaCor, Inc

“My military service taught me that no matter how hard things seem, you can always get more out of yourself.”

Aaron Broglin - The Trumbull Group L.L.C.

“The military taught me the benefits of determination and personal responsibility. I now own 7 businesses located across 5 states. I do not believe that I would have ever made it to this point in life had I not served in the military.”

Rick McKeithan - The Trailer Showroom

“The military has prepared me to be a business owner by giving me the ability to relate to a diverse population and laid a foundation for good work ethics.”

Jan Holness-Wilson - The Touch 4 Health & Wellness

“Standard operating procedure, or SOP, is a term widely understood by those who have served in the armed forces. SOP refers to a step-by-step method for how a mission or function will be carried out and Veterans understand the importance of implementing and following SOP for a task to be executed and the mission completed successfully. This systematic approach sounds very similar to the business model, and is why more and more veterans are becoming better business owners/entrepreneurs.”

Andrew Sutton - The Sutton Connection

“My military service taught me accountability, discipline and the value of trust and teamwork. I have learned to surround myself with highly motivated and educated people who understand the importance of the mission but are also compassionate. Trust comes from knowing your team is there for you at all times, just not when it is convenient and vice versa.”

Travis Bell - The Seven Bridges Group

“While in the military I learned the importance of dedication, commitment and teamwork. I am proud to say that I am a us NAVY Veteran and if my country would need my service again I would proudly serve.”

Norberto Carmona - 1st Choice Collison, LLC

“Military service has better prepared me to own and run my business because it taught or reinforced to the point of habit the tools and personality traits needed to successfully manage any situation. These include but are not limited to: Honesty Integrity Leadership Organizational Skills Attention to Detail Pride Confidence”

Angela Stelzer - 323 Construction Estimating Solutions

“Makes me work harder for me and my family, I am always prompt.”

william fischer - Handyman Services of Chittenden Co.

“When I got laid off, I wasn't sure just what to do. After doing some odd jobs for friends and neighbors, I realized how much I liked working for myself. A background of military service gave me the focus and drive I needed to get a small business going!”

Matt McDonald - Handy Mac Home Services

“survival school prepared me for operating a business in the current economic downturn!”

Harold Hobbs - Guardian Angel Cleaning Service Inc.

“It instilled discipline, motivation, & the will to succeed beyond all odds.”

Leon Grove - Grove Financial Group, Inc.

“I did construction while serving in Vietnam.”

Oscar Greene - Group III Mgt., Inc.

“I believe more young adults should enter the military service, it will help you to grow and grow up. Just the basics of what you learn will lead you into being a more responsible person. When we advertise for new positions in our company, we always ask if you have served in the military. This tells us that if they were successful in the service, then you will be a great addition to our company.”

Larry Lamanca - American Door and Glass

“Military service enhanced my personal character and helped create a grounded, capable individual. In the military, one learns the importance of leadership. With this knowledge, I have been able to elicit respect and loyalty from my clients and employees. The structured and disciplined environment of the military has proven to be a strong basis for running a business as well.”

James McClung - American Environmental Specialists, Inc.

“Learn the value of fairness, disciple, teamwork, dedication to task which is applied to every day business issues.”

James Hatter II - American Pride General Engineering Inc


Ron Gibson - Appenx, Inc.

“I have the unique experience with working with different people to achieve a common objective. Teamwork, discipline, customer service, and a high standard of professionalism is our specialty.”

Art Baja - Arturo C. Baja, CPA

“Being a Navy Diver, I learned attention to detail, teamwork and discipline.”

Wally Knifley - Combat Termite Specialist

“In countless ways.”

John Wesley Steinsiek - Commercial Dump Truck Services, LLC

“The discipline in the Military has helped me become motivated to run a business.”

Rocky Everett - Complete Occupational Drug Exams, LLC

“My experience in the Navy taught me to take pride in my work, to be a team player, to follow my instincts, and to hold strong to the plan of action no matter what is happening around me. The skills I learned during my service were not only relevant to my duties, but I was able to build a career I love with the knowledge I gained. It was my honor to serve my country as a service man, and it is now an honor to serve my country as a business man.”

Darin Gilliland - Compass Solutions, Inc

“Honorable service in our military teaches the importance of team work, discipline, and dedication.”

Dennis Santo - Concerts For Troops, Inc

“As an officer, I have been prepared with leadership attributes and communication skills that have helped me in business. I have also been given the confidence to pursue my goals despite the projected outcome.”

Jeremiah Minner - Connecticut Academy of Martial Arts

“In the military I developed organization and problem solving skills which help me with business everyday.”

Michael Jozefiak - Coordinated Defense Supply Systems, Inc.

“Experience both in the military and as Managing Director of a Seaport Joint Venture Company with 13 Task orders.”

Charles Vinroot - Cvsi, LLC

“Honesty, integrity and pride in all we do.”

Patrick Sargent - CS Computer Solutions

“I give almighty God the glory and thanks for leading, guiding and directing my paths to a successful life and business. The military has shown me how to stay disciplined in my job by understanding the Word of God and how I must strive to serve with excellence to satisfy our customers needs. Good things always come to those who honor our Father. D & C SIGNS, LLC strives to do things the right way, we know God makes the difference. ”

David Brandford - D & C SIGNS, LLC

“The NAVY made me a stronger person to address things head on, make business decisions, detail oriented person. Make sure all the i's and the t's were dotted and crossed. Be professional in all matters of business. Take charge, step up do what is right. Be fair be on time, keep your word. Be honest with everything and everyone. Do right by everyone.”

Eddie Jones - D & K Business Systems, Inc.

“The military service has prepared as an business owner first the discipline of during your job and maintain it through the end. Second Commitment, to commit to the task.Committing to training and assisting soldiers in career development. Third Leadership the untiring dedication to solders. Communication communicating with your immediate superiors and subordinates.”

Larry Dallas - Dallas Landscaping, Inc.

“Where else is a 19 year old kid going to be given as much responsibility and accountability? Some people go their entire lives without being as prepared for business as a one tour enlisted man.”

Dan Light - Dan Light Consulting

“Technical training and being attention to detail as well as teamwork learned while in the service have helped me greatly.”

Robert Pagliaroli - Dataman Backup

“I worked in communications in the Navy. I had the privilege to work with many people from so many different backgrounds and different parts of the country. I also got to work with some very good people who were not afraid to share there knowledge with others.”

Larry Day - Day Communications

“Learned flexibility and work ethic, coupled with a pride of service to the United States of America.”

Douglas Creighton - DC Services

“It taught me how to deal with people and understand that everyone has needs and to flexible.”

GARRY DELONG - Delong Plumbing Heating and Air

“Gave me my independence, taught me responsibility.”

Leah Brunson - Dependable Reliable Nursing Service

“Taught about discipline needed to do business.”

Dearl McPeak - Digital Microwave Communications

“The military prepared me to be a better business owner by ingraining the value of impeccable integrity, hard work, discipline, attention to detail, and country into my daily life and attitude! Never give up and never compromise.”

Hayden Hartland - DiskAgent

“It has helped me to be more prepared and gave me the confidence to get through the ups and the downs of running a business.”

Jeremy Paris - Diverse Concepts, Inc

“At 18, I joined the USAF. I have always been very disciplined, am a hard worker, and have a strong sense of doing a job well. The USAF and I got along very well. After leaving the USAF, I developed a career in sales and operations management. I would not trade my time serving my country for any amount of money. I am proud to be a veteran - my service to my country was a cornerstone in my life. Thank you.”

Richard "DICK" Christopher - DIX Auto Detailing

“Military service prepared me to enter the working world and build my own business by teaching me strong work ethic, determination and excellence in service standards.”

David Chaich - DKM Appliance Services

“The regimentation and training has helped shape life as well as set business protocols to help my business run smoothly and grow.”

Matthew Hutchings - Dolomite Enterprises

“Discipline and training pays rewards.”


“Management and Leadership skills have been applied to the success of the business operations.”

Edward Douglas - ACTPMA, LLC

“I received discipline, professionalism!”

Bill Stinson - BW Stinson's Barbershop

“Mainly, organization, preparation, execution, and confidence.”

James Harris - C&J Shredding Co.

“Discipline and Leadership have made me a better business owner.”

Paul Villemaire - C&M Machine Products


Joseph Bell - Cabin Creek Timber Frames

“In business as in the military, team work is essential to day-to-day operations. With the right team amazing things can happen and you learn there are always solutions, opportunities and adaptations to any situation. Strategy and planning will help win on the battle field and in the business world.”

Claude A. (Art) Harden - Calibre Engineering, Inc

“Getting the job done!”

ARMONDO LERMA - California Precision Builders

“Teaches great leadership skills.”

Linda Thompson - Cappa & Graham, Inc.

“Structure, work ethic, discipline, organization. All have helped me greatly.”

Clifton Reynolds - Carolina Security & Fire

“Leadership and management training and experience.”

Greg Thompson - CCW Services, LLC

“Endurance, organization, leadership, discipline and team effort.”

Earnest,George,Terry, Conrad Carter - CeeBee Enterprises LLC

“The ARMY taught me the basis of the cargo security business.”

ERIK HOFFER - CGM Security Solutions

“The Marine Corps taught me to never quit, keep moving forward and you will achieve your goals and to take care of the people who take care of you.”

Craig Lawrey - HammerDown Firearms

“The Navy made me learn how to pay attention to detail and to push myself when I am ready to quit or give up.”

bradford spelbring - Tool Belt Training

“The Disciplines of the Military have greatly prepared me for business ownership. The GI Bill also provided me with resources to get my college education.”

Russell Barker - Buyers Advantage Home Inspection

“Learned to never say no or never say die. Instilled a great work ethic and helped me mature.”

JAMES HALSTEAD - Battlecat Marine and Sound Mind AVC

“Military service prepared me to lead as well as follow. As a business owner you need to know yourself and your employees. You need to know when to step back and when to step forward. You need to know what a team is and how to function as a loyal part of that team. Military service is about team work, taking the lead when necessary and knowing when its time to follow. A Business requires that you not only lead but that you be able to follow and make good decisions that allow for growth.”

Teresa Thomas - Beth Dimensions

“I am from Be All You Can Be time and i carried the slogan even after discharging and I am a business owner.”

Ephrem Girma - Blen Inc

“As a member of the USAF I was selected to attend NCO Leadership School as an E-4. I was selected as a Stripe For Exceptional Performance Recipient after turning around a office that was devastated by attrition. Having 7 people under me who were on their way out the door, and 7 people just new to the military, I was able to install recognition programs to motivate all members involved resulting in Professional Military Office of the Year Awards.”

Ernest Blue Jr - Blue Crew Realty LLC

“My military service has prepared me to be an entrepreneur by stressing the importance of discipline, perseverance and teamwork.”

Sherry Handel - Blue Jean Publishing

“The owner served 8 years with the Marines, then 22 years in the Army National Guard, rising to the position of Command Sergeant Major. He was disabled during service with the Marines.”

Vincent Syndab - Blue Water Logistics, LLC

“Twenty years in the Air Force taught me Leadership and Hard Work pays off! The only limitations you have are self-imposed, never give up, failures make you stronger, not weaker, always strive to make yourself better. These and other skills are what have made me a better person today!”

ROBERT JENSEN - Bob's Computers

“The discipline and attention to detail that I learned through military service has enabled me to fight through the obstacles of small business ownership and come out the other side with a successful company.”

Ed Bryan - Bryan Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service

“It has given me the personal skills to stay the course and succeed.”

Harry LeBoeuf - Bull Financial, LLC

“It has helped me learn to set goals and meet deadlines. It taught me discipline and to be self motivated.”

Denise Boulet - 1navywoman

“Discipline and organization!”

Ron Vice - Semper Fi Lawn Care and Snow Removal

“Prepared me to lead my employees and make critical calls for the better of my company!”

Eric Perez - Semper Fight

“The can do attitude." If you have been there you understand.”

Leigh Carby - Service First Supply

“Taught me to strive for my goals. Taught me discipline, and respect towards others.”

Thomas Snell - Shiny Paws Moble Pet Grooming

“My time in the United States Army taught me self discipline, respect and love for country.”

Gary Toth - Shirley Foods Inc

“20 years of service in the United States Armed Services has greatly enhanced an appreciation for teamwork, attention to detail, and a sense of respect for those above and below me. Failure is never an option, yet sometimes necessary to address. 20 years serving The United States encouraged me to take advantage of the great opportunities available by the very nation I was defending.”

Thomas Monin - Kentucky Professional Land Services, Inc.

“Wife is co-owner and she is the veteran.”

Stephen Brooks - Killeen Fence Company

“I was a Army Ranger, 10 years of service, and a decorated combat operator. The military instilled in me self-discipline, motivation, work ethic, integrity, and the importance of getting the job done.”

Jeff Seltzer - EfexPhotography

“Serving 21 years in the United State Air Force has prepared me to be a better business owner primarily because eleven of those years I served as a Military Training Instructor. The job of an Instructor requires total professionalism and dedication. Dealing with several different backgrounds and attitudes at any given time could not have prepared more.”

Darlene Brown - Fully Promoted powered by Embroidme

“Retired now. I learned how to respect all people as well as how to communicate effectively while understanding the importance of good leadership in all areas of life.”

Chuck Toynbee - Enagic USA - Independent Contractor Chuck Toynbee

“Training in leadership, management, goals setting and results orientation style.”

Eugene Klein - Enlightenment Inc

“During my first wes-pac in 1984 on the USS Robinson DDG-12 I was sent to the galley to cook for 6 weeks. Seeing my shipmate’s everyday excited to eat everything I placed on their tray. Made me realize how much I loved to give great food to people. I had always worked in the business but never wanted to just cook the same stuff that everyone else had. At 45 I decided to open my first shop "Hot Dawgs" in Grove City OH and never looked back. America is all about looking at what you want and making happen.”

Ken Jewell - Hot Dawgs!

“Military training and schooling. ”

Alvio Dominguez - HSCL LLC

“How to be prompt, efficient, disciplined, honest and take pride in my work.”

Mark Iafornaro - IAFO Air Systems

“The structure and training of the Army was very significant in preparing me to become a business owner.”

George Bailey - IEQ Engineering

“Living with and being active overseas with fellow Marines exposed me to people from all over the country and showed me much about loyalty and brotherhood. I am a better man for these years in service. Honesty and integrity are practiced each and every day in my business.”

Herbert Jadd - Industrial Carpet Corp

“The skills learned in overseeing the operations division gave me a great business skill set.”

William Glass - Inflatable Boats USA, LLC

“It gave me the leadership awareness necessary to think strategically about mission accomplishment while improving troop welfare.”

Aaron Guyett - Innovative Results

“Paying attention to detail, following through to finish the job and the fortitude to accept the good, bad and ugly without flinching.”

Jeffrey Helstrom - Innovative Management Services, LLC

“It has taught me the importance to others of being responsible, accountable and honest in everyday business and personal relationships. It focuses on security and stability. Personal and business financial matters demand discrete and honorable relationships and total accountability. The military training and lifestyle instills these traits as the "only right choice" in every transaction.”

David Oliver - Integrity Taxes and Business Solutions

“Follow and obey the ORDERS!”

PedroAlberto Sanchez - International Identity LLC

“As a member of the 82nd Airborne 1st 75th Ranger it gave me the discipline needed to work in a high stress high profile environment.”

George Gamble - Investigative Solutions, LLC

“The Air Force has taught me how to work with a wide selection of people and how to handle problems with a calm attitude, It has taught me to be a leader instead of a boss.”

James Williams - J & F Transmissions

“My military service in the navy has taught me to accept the unexpected and never give up.”

Jess Briske - J & S Creative Metal Works, LLC

“Military service enabled me to attend college and obtain advanced degrees which enabled me to work for some of the largest businesses in America including Microsoft. Also the discipline and challenges that I learned at an early age in the military helped me be a more disciplined individual who loves a challenge. The interpersonal relationships that are a normal part of military service helped prepare me for meeting and working with people in the business world.”

Joe Bailey - J & S Properties of N.S.B., LLC

“After 20 plus years in the Army, I learned that self discipline and self motivation is key to success in any endeavor. I was afforded the opportunity to work in public relations, international relations, customer service, and inventory management along with other areas that has prepared me to successfully own and operate my own business. The leadership and people skills learned throughout my career have also prepared me to successfully manage multiple employees at various skill levels.”

Jon Shoemake - J C Contracting

“The military never plans on garbage and always has to react. I know to plan for debris prior to the start of every job.”

James Bourgeois - James Bourgeois Contractor, Inc

“The military service help prepare me by making me compatible with working with people of different background and origin. It also help me to preserve when it comes to business opportunity.”

Jerome smith - J-Maze LLC

“Because of my military service I'm always on time, & ready to do a job well done.”

Mark Manning - Jacksonville Plumbing Authority

“Leadership skills, determination and the understanding that you can do anything if you work for it and put your mind to it.”

James Putt - JandJ SuperStore

“20+ years of military leadership and discipline have prepared me for many things and starting JATOP Total Defense is just one of those. It has also provided me with the internal motivation and drive to keep going when others fail.”

Jeff Albritton - JATOP Total Defense

“Discipline, organization and confidence were key during my service tenure. This gave me an excellent start to enhance my abilities and go forward. My business ethics and product quality is a prime example of this.”

James Taber - Jax Signs & Neon

“Military service has prepared me to meet the challenges of being a business owner by giving me confidence to meet with clients, to organize my business to better fit the needs of my customers, and the discipline to stay focused to achieve my goals (and my customer's). Military service has also taught me how to recognize those who are dishonest and those who do not have what it takes to be good employees, good vendors, and good customers. I only work with the best because I want to be the best.”

Edward Hunt - Hunt Signs

“Military service teaches you team work and discipline and these are important to have when you are running your business.”

Edward Horn - Horn Corp

“Military service provided me with the discipline and drive to own, grow and successfully operate a business.”

J Patrick Enderson - HJR OSINT Center, Inc.

“It has provided me with a solid sense of self confidence as well as training in a variety of areas. I am much more organized and prepared than prior to my military service.”

David Hillary - Hillary CPA Group

“Gave me project management experience.”

Rudy Garza - Hi Tech Maestro, Inc

“Training, Responsibility and Trustworthiness.”

HENRY TINGLE - Henry Tingle-Electric

“The US Army trained me to use technology to accomplish my objectives on the battlefield. This ideology translates to great business practice by stressing the importance of understanding how you can use technology to streamline and advance business principles, products and ideas. Many of the technologies we use in business today began their life in use in the military. For example, GPS technology is common today, but got its start in the US military.”

Tom Vastano - Healthclick


DICK SHADWELL - Headlite Doctor, Inc

“Being in the military prepared me to be a business owner by teaching me responsibility and integrity. There is great honor being a veteran and I am proud to have served my country. In exchange for my service I received exceptional training and developed a sense of camaraderie that cannot be duplicated.”

Kenneth Ruppert - Happy Home Inspections, Inc.

“The military taught me discipline and leadership. These two traits are key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. The Army also taught me to love my country and to truly appreciate this land of opportunity.”

Michael Halbe - Halbe Design and Cabinetry, LLC

“Be All You Can Be - was the motto and continues to be the mindset. The leadership that the military has taught and instilled in me will make this company successful. Pride, honesty, respect, and loyalty is what I was taught and wish to continue to show our clients through our hard work ethics.”

Richard Kennedy - Green Meadows LawnScapes


Richard Parker - RRP Consulting Construction & Management, LLC

“Military service provides a camaraderie that acts as an enticement for veterans to do business with other veterans.”

Gary Bates - S&P Solutions, Inc.

“My military experience has brought me the courage and discipline it takes to make tough, smart decisions.”

Kelly Russell - S.I. Vend, LLC.

“The Marines have taught me how to adapt and overcome insurmountable odds. In today's economy businesses are struggling and it takes an untiring devotion to meet objectives to survive regardless of the obstacles which is what was preached to me on a daily basis during my glory years in the Marines. Once a Marine always a Marine regardless of the mission. In addition we worked as a team which is absolutely necessary in any business that is going to continue to climb the ladder of success.”

Santo Vitrano - S.M.V. Business Services LLC

“My service in the USAF has helped me to become independent & not afraid to venture out and do anything on my own.”

John Stephens - Safe & Sound Home Inspections

“The most important think I've learned from the military would definitely be organization and preparedness, both of these qualities are critical to both military and business survival.”

Bryan Green - Sacramento Wedding Photographers

“I feel that if it was not for my service in the ARMY I would of never received needed funds to purse my college education and would never been able too start a company or the discipline with the can do attitude I learned while in the ARMY.”

Todd Martin - Safety Tech Inc

“Discipline, hard work, and leadership skills.”

Michael Tranchina - Salon LaBrea

“It taught me to go after what I want and never give up.”

Sammie Moore - SamCo Services

“Discipline and structure military provided is key to running any business.”

Robert Birdsong - Scan Am Marine Services, Inc

“I learned things like self discipline, patience, and perseverance during my time in the Marine Corps. Loyalty has become essential in my business and personal dealings. As I am 50% disabled I have also learned resilience and that as long as you are hanging in, there is hope.”

Michael Baker - SCI Solutions LLC

“Military life helped shape my life go better serve my customers.”

chuck Brokhoff - Scrubs Mobile Auto Spa LLC

“Taught leadership and management skills while providing unique experience and qualifications.”

George Gennin - SDS International

“I have incorporated the skills learned in the service with my knowledge of technology to create, develop and patent a First Alert, Physical Security and Notification system complete with report capabilities. This combination has enabled us to deliver needs asked for by Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology (DHS S&T) that can be used by many people, government, education and industry groups.”

Carl Fitzsimmons - Seamless Communications Group

“Leadership skills and self confidence.”

Clinton Mitchell - Seegra, LLC

“Provided a broad base of management experience and levels of responsibility.”

John Frederiksen - Senior Scene Magazine

“Marine Corp. Discipline.”

Randy Bathemess - Sentinel Systems LLC

“Responsibility. Knowing how to do the job and get it done.”

James Lutz - Serpico Pizza

“My military service has provided me with a profound respect for all veterans as well the country we served. The team work you experience on a daily basis is comparable to professional sports. I was able to bring this team mentally to my industry. This allowed open communication with my customers as well as other professionals in the cleaning industry. My business has greatly benefited from the "TEAM" mentality fostered by the military.”

Shawn Nachurski - Shawn's Cleaning Service LLC

“Leadership training.”

Thomas Shambo - Shambo & Associates, LLC


adrian kirby - Shapes Inc.

“Discipline. Trading and portfolio management is much like close order drill, rifle range, and real combat. Close order drill with a rifle has a purpose: to instill instant response to orders. It's a lot like the process of developing a decision-making systems for investment management. You learn the drills, you practice firing it down the range, but what you do in the heat of the battle is all that matters. Investment managers with an edge are trigger-pullers. We are able to execute, discipline.”

Mike Shell - Shell Capital Management, LLC

“It taught me teamwork, responsibility and the rewards of hard work.”

William Mathias - HYS Marketing Products, LLC

“Taught me how to be accountable.”

Tom O'Reilly - Insurance Quotes Chicago

“I learned discipline, focus, grit, compassion, empathy, and servant leadership. I was immersed into the neuroscience of adult learning through PME (professional military education) as both a student and trainer. My exposure to the amazing diversity of humanity and the plight of the "under dog" continues to influence how I treat others. I learned the cost of freedom and the importance of preserving it. God, family, country.”

Dennis Funk - Edifi Training

“My Marine Corp career helped me become a leader of not only troops but to be able to make decisions on the spot and never second guess myself. The military trains individuals to get things done not alone but as a team and get the job or task completed as one, which is needed in any business setting.”

Anthony Bowers - Taylor Made Enterprises, LLC

“Learning to drive and work hard and be the best has taught me to be the best and always strive to be the best. We even live by our own version of the ARMY values here at Techwarrior Computer Service.”

Roderick Rotzien - Techwarrior Technologies LLC

“Responsibility and Managerial duties, working with people to accomplish many scheduled and unscheduled missions helps you become a excellent multi-tasker. Learning to work smarter and not always harder to accomplish assigned tasks on time. Training and leadership provided at phases of learning and educating the mind to be responsible for enormous workloads at a moments notice helps you relate to the business world.”

Mike Williams - Telmek LLC

“Without a doubt, the Air Force instilled a sense of honor and service. This is a cornerstone of my business and has made my agency on of the top agencies in Tennessee. Doing what is right even when you do not make anything on the deal is the thing to do. This always comes back 10 fold.”

D'Lon Dobson - TennHealth Insurance Services

“Through serving in the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman and then a Military Police Investigator (MPI), I learned the value of honesty and integrity. The MP's creed is "To Protect and Serve". This short but powerful phrase along with the basic values on honesty and integrity have translated into a business in which we're able to help financial advisors, doctors, realtors, & most professionals with their marketing campaigns by serving them with honesty, respect and integrity.”

David Chasse - The Birthday Company

“All Heart Home Care is a Veteran owned senior home care agency owned and operated by Eric Barth who formerly served in the United States Air Force. I proudly served my country and now with dedication & compassion I aid seniors and fellow Veterans in receiving the best home care services San Diego has to offer. I recruit the most trusted caregivers in the Greater San Diego area. To my fellow Veterans, I thank you for your service. For quality senior home care needs, call All Heart Home Care at 619-736-4677.”

Eric Barth - All Heart Home Care

“My time as an officer in United States Naval Reserve, during the Vietnam era, embedded in me the attributes of leadership, honor, loyalty, integrity, and discipline, which have been invaluable assets in my professional as well as my personal life.”

Joseph Del Campo - The Excalibur Group

“I was a LRRP for the 101st Airborne in Vietnam. I learned it is better to be behind the enemy than in front of him because he doesn't know you're there. I learned that the skills of a warrior who goes actively out to face the enemy are good preparation for business where you have to create your idea and then go out and make it happen. I learned discipline, follow-up, and integrity. I also learned to get my hands dirty and work hard.”

Larry Chambers - The Larry Chambers Company

“Throughout 30 years as an Air Force Judge Advocate, I provided legal advice to thousands of active duty & retired military members & their families, across all ranks & services. Combined with my subsequent government & corporate experience, I learned how to work effectively within a large organization. I also learned what it takes to stand up for my clients, say "NO" to those in authority, & argue that my clients deserved better treatment. This has helped prepare me to confront the VA.”

Barry Allen - The Law Office of Barry P. Allen

“The military has trained me to lead in a variety of environments. I am ready to enter the civilian world using this knowledge and experience as my backbone!”

Jeffery Kane - The Margarita Man of Columbia

“Discipline, sense of duty, dedication to the job, larger view of life and the world, recognizing needs, prepared to help others and work as team.”

Fritz Strehlow - The Mentor Group

“I find it necessary and a competitive advantage to be decisive and fully committed to a course of action. My military training included an emphasis on the importance of decisiveness. That training has served me well over the years.”

John Kopra - The Retirement Plan Company, LLC

“Colonel Ronald R. Colunga (ret), enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard August 1970. Colunga served over 33 years in varied USAF Logistics leadership positions: Logistics Plans, Aircraft Maintenance/Munitions, Base Supply and Transportation having worked many different aircraft including the F-100, F-101, T-33, F-4, A-10, F-16 and C-130, having served at all levels in varied leadership assignments. He has serviced at the Vice President level for multi-billion aerospace leading manufacturers.”

Ronald Colunga - The Ronald Colunga Company, LLC

“My experience in the Army taught me to always remain true to myself and to my fellow man. It taught me to be honest, work hard and play fair in my everyday life. I try to take that experience and knowledge and use it to cultivate relationships with my employees. Hard work, determination and honesty is all I give and all I want in return.”

Michael Hickman - The Securus Group

“Gained confidence to achieve on my own and follow up on everything to accomplish the mission.”

Eric Dufault - DuFFer Sports

“The Air Force taught me to handle multiple situations at once in a timely manner. Perfect training for a small business owner.”

George Unsinger - DUCTZ of Charleston

“As a Military Veteran, I leaned discipline, and respect for others. I learned about honor and appreciate anyone who is willing to stand up for freedom. I learned to get the job done, no matter what.”

Rick Mendenhall - Down To Earth Lawn Care

“The discipline and work ethic I learned in the Navy along with learning how to work with people from different backgrounds, and cultures gave me the skill and leadership ability to make my business successful in a competitive industry.”

Steven King - Diplomatic Solutions

“I learned two phrases. 1. Can do Sir. 2. No excuse Sir. These two phrases have been a bench mark through out my life and career.”

Robert Hunt - Deseret Investments, LLC

“My travels while in the US Navy gave me a great deal of exposure to a variety of cultures which allowed me to jump into international business with a smaller learning curve in relation to different cultures. The work ethic I learned from my time in the Navy has proven to be a difference between me and my competition.”

Steven King - Deltapro Consulting, LLC

“The most important part of the military experience is Team Work. What you learn and experience is working successfully with others in completing the mission. My Drill Sargent always reminded us by saying "Never assign a task that you cannot or will not do yourself". I have always lived by this, will continue and have been rewarded with success.”

Thomas LaMere - 930 Enterprises Ltd.

“The military has the the best detailed cleaners in the industry.”

DONALD PAGE - A & D Services

“Through discipline and leadership training.”

Raphael Allen - Banyan Tree Project, Inc.

“It taught me great work ethic, discipline, and adaptability.”

Sherry Pittinger - A Focused Approach Inc

“I am very goal orientated, and hold myself, employees and business to a higher standard.”

Thomas Rostron JR - Tom Rostron Co. Inc

“Discipline and service.”

Donald Crawley - Tools 4 School & Office

“While serving in the Army I learned that there was a large need for IT services and after 12 years of working government contracting companies, I have decided to put together a small company that caters to a special need of training and IT support services.”

Gustavo Coutin - Total Technical Solutions

“Twenty years in the Marine Corps instilled the intangible character traits (such as discipline, drive and motivation) that has helped me to succeed as an independent business owner.”

Timothy Perry - Tracy Perry Salon

“As an Ensign in the USNR I was assigned to DDG-9 USS Towers as Asst Weps. I was 21 and had a division of 27 men ranging in age from 18 to 49. I grew up quickly and learned how to manage in a crisis... which is the same as managing in non-crisis mode... learned a lot about being squared away and responsibility which has carried me thru life in my business and personal life. I am currently the Commander of the Tigard Community Emergency Response Team with 150 volunteers under me.”

Bruno Amicci - Triad Technology Group

“Attitude that anything is possible, ability to organize, focus and lead. Writing a patrol order/op order = writing a business plan.”

Andrew Kratz - Triangle Rock Club - Morrisville

“The discipline and organizational skills instilled in me as a young soldier has influenced every aspect of my life personally and professionally to include the way I run my company and treat my clients.”

Thomas Stamulis - True North Group

“Organizational management and attention to detail has helped this company in operations and sales force execution.”

Mark Putiyon - TSI

“Honesty and integrity above all else.”

David Bixler - Twin City Metro Wash, Inc.

“The military gave me the confidence I needed to become a leader and believe in my dreams. I was sure of myself and my abilities after serving my country.”

Jon Butler - Twine Gas and Power, Inc.

“Wanting to take an idea and bringing it to fruition by never giving up on it. Similar to the military in that you never let your fellow soldiers down by quitting on them in the heat of battle, you will always be there fulfilling your commitment to finish the deal with them come hell or high water. It's about honor, dedication, and loyalty to finish the deal.”

Dan Leonard - U.S. Outdoorsman Central

“My Navy experience taught me organizational skills together with the hard work and dedication necessary for ULTIMATE Protection Firearm Academy to be one of the safest, customer friendly CCW training facilities in Michigan; culminating in realizing our community based goal of building a family recreational shooting range.”

Al Polkowski - ULTIMATE Protection Firearm Academy

“We provide our services on time and under budget. As a former Marine I am determined to make sure every project big and small receives the same get it done attitude.”

Edward Cornell - Ultra Commercial Interiors

“I am very dedicated and detail oriented with an emphasis on relationship building. Honesty and integrity coupled with a spirit of resolve.”

John Collins - United Commercial Builders

“There's no better way to be prepared for overcoming obstacles in business than to be an Active Duty Marine! Specifically the "stick-to-it-iveness" that most civilians lack.”

Melvin McCabe - discoverthePASS

“Leadership, decision-making, working with people, planning, delegation, financial management, and counseling are just a few examples of how knowledge and experience gained in the military are helpful in a civilian business.”

Diane Diekman - Eagle Eye Investments

“The Army gave me the self discipline to complete college and start a career in manufacturing which led to owning my own facility.”

Eric Szewc - EPS Machining

“Taught me to be better through organization, hard work, and preparation.”

Thomas Abercrombie - eWaste Disposal Inc.

“My time in the Army was spent dealing with challenging issues around the world. We were always short on time, people, and resources. Being able to complete the mission no matter the situation is a skill you can't be taught. Now, I find myself facing challenges and obstacles in the business world. I'm confident that I can get the job done, just like I did in the Army. Plus, now there isn't anyone trying to blow me up.”

Justen Garrity - Garrity Renewables LLC

“In the military I was an Staff Sergeant in the Field Artillery Branch, which help me to become a better leader and to strive for what I want. I always wanted a business from the first time I learned a trade.”

Derrick Pinckney - Genetic Push Supplements

“My time in the Air Force taught me dedication, a strong work ethic, and relational skills used in business today.”

Scott Geater - Geater Machining and Mfg.

“Signal corp specialist message center, crypto responsibility. Leading the security of the message center. These areas taught me to take responsibility for making sure we were following procedures to make us successful in our job function. Today that conditioning makes me follow the same training needed to face even a more dangerous area the business world.”

Lee Schiller - GB International Packing Service Inc

“It helped my to go from a boy to a man and the responsibilities that go along with it, It took me out of my comfort place and showed me a whole new world out side of it.”

Joseph Russo - Eagle Rock Floors

“The time spent in military gave me the tools to be that leader every business needs. In turn it has allowed me the confidence to seek out my own path.”

Dan Saul - Kamler Protection Systems, Inc.

“After serving both on active duty and in the Reserves, I have learned a lot about leadership, discipline, ethics, dedication and helping others. As a business owner, I apply these skills every day, both with my staff and clients, in order to provide top quality service to all we serve.”

Clark Barkley - C.D. Barkley Insurance Agency, Inc.

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